June 15, 2021
Google Chrome website mute

Soon, Google Chrome Users will Enjoy a Permanent Website Mute Option

A new Google Chrome website mute option experiment appears in the Canary build of an upcoming browser iteration and could well be permanent…

Google already announced its plans to include a built-in ad blocker for an upcoming version of its Chrome browser. Now, it appears the search giant is going a step further, with a website mute option in the latest Canary build.

Google Chrome Website Mute Built-In Browser Option Coming Soon

Originally spotted by Android Police, the feature resides in the page info bubble. For those unfamiliar, the page info bubble sits right in to the immediate of the URL in the address bar.

“The Chrome team is currently experimenting with a setting to mute/unmute a website directly from the Page Info bubble. This will give you more control about which website is allowed to throw sound at you automatically,” François Beaufort explains.

Sites muted by users will remain silent until the option is toggled off. But, the feature will come set to the off position by default (at least at this time). Currently, users can already mute tabs simply by right clicking. It’s the fifth option, under “New,” “Reload,” “Duplicate,” and “Pin tab.” 

Beaufort did not disclose when this new feature will make its way to the stable permanent build version or which iteration it will debut. For those already exploring the Canary build of Google Chrome, the option enables with –enable-features=SoundContentSetting switch.

This represents another step toward improving the Chrome UX or user experience.

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