September 16, 2022
Google Chrome Windows Defender extension

Microsoft just Introduced a Windows Defender Extension for Improved Google Chrome Security

Microsoft claims a new Google Chrome Windows Defender extension will improve security, being 99 percent effective against phishing attacks…

Chrome reigns supreme as the most widely used browser. And, it does so because of its many beneficial features. One is its highly effective security. But now, Microsoft says Chrome users can improve their browsing experience with a new Windows Defender extension.

Google Chrome Windows Defender Extension Released

Chrome already warns users where danger might lurk ahead. It displays a huge warning against suspicious sites and users must consciously click through to continue. However, Windows Defender boasts a strong track record against fighting viruses and malware, too.

The extension acts as another layer of security for the Chrome browser running on Windows PCs. Microsoft states that its extension is 99 percent effect against threats such as phishing attacks. (Which outperforms Chrome’s 87 percent and Firefox’s 77 percent efficiencies.)

The new Chrome Windows Defender extension is free. But, it’s already built right into Microsoft Edge for those who care to check it out.