September 20, 2022
Google Chrome's Link-to-Text Feature goes Live in Version 90

Google Chrome 90 Brings this Super-Handy Sharing Feature

Google Chrome 90 adds a nifty sharing feature which allows people to highlight specific text within a page they share with others…

Google Chrome’s link-to-text tool has been in the works for some time. First appearing last year as an experimental feature, it was available only in the Canary build. Now, it is set for wide, stable release with version 90 of the web browser. The option allows users to highlight a selection of text and then create a direct link to said selection. So, recipients aren’t just sent to the top of the page as they normally would. Rather, they will go right to the highlighted section.

Google Chrome’s Link-to-Text Feature goes Live in Version 90

For some time now, Google has been working on a way to share a specific portion of a web page between users. Everyone is familiar with the common conundrum of sharing a web page and having to detail what’s most important. But now, Google is making it easier for senders to share exact parts of a web page with targeted links.

The new link to text tool built directly into Chrome makes it super easy to share relevant portions of a page, without having to copy and paste it into an email or text message. Simply open Chrome and highlight the desired block of text and then right-click. Choose “Copy Link to Highlight” and that will generate link which opens the corresponding selection.

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