November 3, 2022
Google Clips discontinued

Google Quietly Kills Off Google Clips, a Strange Autonomous AI-Powered Camera

Google has given up on Google Clips, a curious little camera, powered by AI to automatically capture spontaneous moments…

Introduced during an event in October 2017, Google Clips was a miniature camera with built-in 16GB of storage, which could record up to 3 hours of content. The camera was released for sale in January of 2018 for $249 and was powered by artificial intelligence. Now, just about two years later, Google has abandoned the product.

Google Clips Discontinued after AI Gear Fails to Catch-On

Google Clips was billed as a spontaneous product, one that automatically captured moments on-the-fly. Unsurprisingly, the public didn’t take to the product and so it never caught on with consumers.

In fact, many reviewers described the idea behind it as cool but ultimately creepy. (The UK Independent wrote that Google Clips is “an impressive little device, but one that also has the potential to feel very creepy.”)

Now, it’s suddenly gone from the Google Store, coming to an unceremonious end. 

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