May 26, 2022
Google Collections

Google “Saved” Pages Transitioning to “Collections”

Google Collections is about to take the place of Saved pages, which rolled out last year, a Google app server-side test reveals…

Back in September, Google released “Saved” pages, available through the Google app and on the web (at It allows users to save various pages from a number of different portals. But, a recent APK teardown reveals the feature is getting a new name, Google Collections.

Google Collections Replacing Saved Pages

Currently, not everyone will see the new experience. But, it’s running through the Google app and on desktop. Those already switched over see a new interface. Here’s how the new experience looks:

new Google Collections
Credit: Android Police

For comparison, here’s the old look:

old Google Saved pages
Credit: Android Police

There’s not much difference in functionality. User can still create new collections and shift items between folders. It also automatically renders Favorites and Maps lists. However, it’s not possible to search through Collections. Furthermore, users cannot share entire Collections. Although, users can choose a cover photo, add collection descriptions, as well as enjoy automatic lists for recipes, videos, jobs, and more.

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