November 5, 2022
Google combines account and Gmail profile photos

Google Now Combines Google Account and Gmail Profile Pics

Google can now combine both users’ Gmail and Google account profile images, to make the two different platforms more unified…

Until today, users’ Gmail accounts and their Google accounts could have separate profile photos. It’s a small difference most people probably aren’t aware of its existence. But now, Google has changed its policies, allowing users to set one profile image for both platforms.

Google Combines Gmail and Google Account Profile Photos

The new unified profile picture for Gmail and Google accounts links together to an “About me” page.

If the images differ between the two, a new “Use a single profile photo” message will appear. Users can chose from “Use current Google account profile photo,” “Convert Gmail photo to Google account profile photo,” and “Upload a new photo.”

Google writes on its G Suite Updates blog:

“Currently, profile pictures set in Gmail are only displayed in Gmail. This means your profile picture in Gmail may be different than your Google account profile photo, which can make it difficult to know which picture will be displayed where. This change simplifies things by allowing you to set a single profile picture in one place and then displaying that single photo across all Google apps.”

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