January 17, 2022

Google+ Comments Integrated into Blogger

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Mountain View, California–The Blogger platform might not be the biggest weblog on the internet, but it just gained a huge advantage over other free services like WordPress.com and Tumblr. Beginning today, Google Plus comments will begin appearing on the Blogger platform, a move which the search engine states will give Blogger users “a number of important benefits.”

The new integration allows Blogger users to enable a feature which places their blog and Google+ comments in one single space. Once the feature is enabled, other users will be able to view the user’s blog and Plus profile, which in turn makes finding others and expanding circles easier.

“Reading and responding to comments can be one of the most rewarding aspects of blogging. Not only do they help you connect with your readers, they can also inspire later blog entries. The challenge, oftentimes, is following all the conversations around your content,” principal engineer Yonatan Zunger wrote in a blog post.

Blogger users and others will see comments from Google+ appearing on their blog posts. In addition, Blogger users can now publicly or privately comment within their Google+ circles. Filters also allow users to see all comments, just the ones on their top blog entries or only those within their Google+ circles.

The new feature can be set-up by going into the Blogger dashboard, simply by checking, “Use Google+ Comments.” Once the feature is enabled, users have the ability to turn on and off certain filters.

The Blogger platform first debuted in August of 1999 and was created by Pyra Labs. Its last major makeover occurred in the summer of 2011, which included a wider layout and the incorporation of essential tools right into the main interface. Google only states that its Blogger platform has “millions” of users but has not released an exact figure to date. The platform operated for many years under the subdomain Blogspot until May 2010, when it was shut down.

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