June 21, 2022
Google Confirms Android Auto-Google Assistant Voice Command Lag

Google Confirms it’s Investigating this Annoying Android Auto Bug

Android Auto’s Google Assistant integration has experienced a new issue lately and Google confirms it is looking into the problem…

One of the best things about Android Auto is its integration with Google Assistant. It lets users speak commands for quick actions when behind the wheel. These include playing music, getting directions, and sending and receiving both text messages and phone calls. However, in the past few days (or perhaps longer), that voice functionality has experienced an annoying problem — noticeable latency and/or failure to execute commands.  

Google Confirms Android Auto-Google Assistant Voice Command Lag

This creates a frustrating experience. Especially because the tech is supposed to keep drivers’ attention on the road, rather than being distracted by hiccups. Which essentially makes the apps unusable. However, Google (though originally not acknowledging the issues) is indeed trying to get to the bottom of the problem. While this doesn’t mean they’ll be a fix immediately, it should reassure users that the issues will be resolved.

In the meantime, there’s really nothing end-users can do to fix the problems on their own. Some users have reported downgrading to older versions of the two apps — Android Auto and Google Assistant — occasionally improves the situation but doesn’t restore previous functionality. So, users will just have to wait.

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