June 18, 2021
Google Contacts might Let Users Search for Unsaved Contacts

It could Soon be Possible to Find People that Haven’t been Saved in a Google Contacts Account

Google just might introduce a new feature inside Google Contacts that lets users find people that aren’t saved to their accounts…

It’s already easy to find just about anyone within Gmail, even if just contacted one time. That’s because Google saves every single interaction in its “Other” category in Gmail (contacts.google.com/other). But, that’s not the case with Google Contacts, be it on the web or through the Android app. Now, that might be changing.

Google Contacts might Let Users Search for Unsaved Contacts

Google Contacts could soon let users search for unsaved people in their accounts, according to the app’s changelog. It works through the search function, just by entering a name. Doing so will first search saved contacts, then look through “Other contacts” from other Google accounts.

While it’s not a huge change, it’s definitely a welcome improvement. Users can now find people they interacted with that aren’t specifically saved to their accounts.

However, it doesn’t work in other areas of the app — at least for now. Instead, searchers must go into the search field in order to find who they are looking for. It’s already available in version 3.17.1 but it’s also appearing in older versions of the Android mobile application.

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