September 24, 2022
Google Contacts edit page box test

Google is Testing a Boxier Editing Page in Contacts

Google is working on a new look for its editing page inside Google Contacts, giving it field boxes in the experimental version…

Google Contacts remains one of the most popular contacts apps. This despite the fact that phones often come with manufacturer and carrier OEM alternatives. Google Contacts was among the first to receive dark mode, even before the theme became popular. 

Google Contacts Testing a more Boxy Editing Page

Mishaal Rahman of XDA-Developers recently tweeted a screenshot of the app’s redesigned contact editor.

As seen in the screen captures below, there’s a box around each input field, replacing the simple lines which appeared before.

It’s not that big a change but a noticeable one, following Google’s penchant for boxes, which are popping up more, becoming increasingly prevalent.

The new look is currently only found in version 3.11 of Google Contacts in what seems to be triggered by a server-side switch.

Left: Current UI and Right: Test Layout Credit: XDA Developers

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