June 22, 2022
Google Currents replaces Google Plus for G Suite Members

Google+ is (Finally) Officially Dead but it’s Getting another Chance — just Not for Everyone

Google Currents is the successor to Google Plus, but it won’t be available to the general public, rather only to enterprise entities…

The Google Plus bust isn’t over quite yet. It’s pseudo-continuation comes with the introduction of Google Currents. But, this time around, it isn’t another stab at a social network. Instead, it’s meant for businesses, much like Workplace by Facebook or Yammer by Microsoft. In other words, it’s an enterprise employee platform meant for internal communications and collaboration.

Google Currents replaces Google Plus for G Suite Members

Google recently sent out an email to G Suite administrators, announcing the impending shut down of Google+ for businesses on Monday, July 6th. After that time, there will no longer be any way for G Suite members to revert back to Google+ and they’ll only be given access to Currents.

Of course, since Currents is a new platform, there’s no way to tell how G Suite users will take to the service. And, because Google keeps much of its user data secret when it comes to Google Plus, it’s difficult to gauge how many enterprise organizations will adopt the new software.

Currents will replace Google+ for G Suite customers on July 6, 2020

Hello Administrator,

We’re writing to let you know that Currents will become generally available (GA) on July 6, 2020. For Google+ users, the experience will be upgraded to Currents for your domain, xanjero.com. If you are an existing Currents beta participant, your Currents experience will remain the same.

Currents has an updated look and feel to Google+, and provides additional features for users and administrators. We’re contacting you ahead of the release, so that you can prepare your users for this change. If your organization does not use Google+, no action is required.”

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