November 3, 2022
Android TV Google data saver support

Android TVs will Soon Enjoy Google’s Data Saving Feature

Google is bringing its data saving tool to Android TV, starting first in India, with a worldwide roll out following some time later…

Android TV hasn’t exactly caught on with the public in the way Roku, Apple, and Amazon have with substantially more success. While this is certainly the case in the United States, Android TVs are popular in India. And, that’s precisely where the company is about to introduce its data saving option.

Google Data Saver comes to Android TVs

The new Google data saver for Android TV will reduce consumers’ usage and increase watch time by as much as three times, according to the tech company. So, it will work best for people with limited data plans.

Google is also integrating data limit alerts to make it even more useful. Unsurprisingly, the features were designed with the Indian market in mind. But, there’s most definitely use for them around the globe.

This means even people who enjoy large data plans can benefit. For instance, receiving alerts about upcoming data limits when binge watching shows in 4K.

Google will start offering the new data saving tool for Android TV in India at first. A global roll out will follow at some point thereafter.

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