July 23, 2021
Google Datally app

Google Rolls Out Four New Ways to Save on Mobile Data with Its Datally App

Introduced last year, the Google Datally app helps mobile device owners measure and control data usage, and now it sports four new tools…

Google released Datally last year as a quick way to help people see and control data usage. Today, the company announced for new improvements to the spartan experience.

Google Datally App Updated with New Daily Limit Tools, WiFi Map, and More

Thus far, it’s mission is working well. But, Google hopes to improve on the app’s performance. The search engine states Datally users have saved up to 21 percent on mobile data. Now, it’s giving users more data-saving options.

First up is Guest Mode. And, it works pretty much how one would imagine. It allows mobile device owners to set limits before lending out their phones or tablets. Similarly, Daily Limit gives device owners the power to limit their own data consumption. Users can “…set the maximum amount of data you want to spend per day, and get warnings when you’re about to bust through your limit. You can choose to block data for the rest of the day or keep going.”

Another new tool is quite similar in function to Files Go by Google. It monitors background app usage and alerts users to said usage, queuing them to uninstall the data hogs. In fact, Google states that 20 percent of data consumption comes from background apps that haven’t been opened in a month.

Lastly, a new WiFi Map displays all nearby open connections. It even contains a rating tool so other users’ can see other people’s experiences.

The latest Google Datally additions are now available for download in the Play Store.