September 21, 2021
Google Datally removed from the Play Store

Google Quietly Pulls Datally, its Data-Saving App, from the Play Store, without Warning

Google abruptly takes Datally out of the Play Store, without any official word as to why, forcing it to join the unenviable pile of abandon products…

Google first introduced Datally a couple of years ago. (This, after launching it under the name Triangle in 2017.) Now, it’s suddenly missing from the Play Store.

Google Datally Removed from the Play Store

Datally gave users control over mobile apps to prevent them from wasting precious data. Plus, it worked with active apps and those running in the background.

Device owners could use Datally to learn which apps consumed the most data. Moreover, it provided the power to limit app activity.

It’s no longer appearing in the Play Store but if already installed on a device, continues to work — at least for now. The app now warns users it isn’t compatible with Android 10. This likely means it’s the end of the little-know data-saving app.

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