October 1, 2022
Google Deprecates App Preview Messaging

Google Deprecated its Very Unpopular App Preview Messaging Feature Last Week and No One Really Noticed

Google quietly killed off its maligned App Preview Messaging feature and almost no one paid attention to the move at all…

After four years of testing and trying to get people to adopt a new technology, Google is finally saying goodbye to a failed experiment. Back in 2016, the tech company introduce App Preview Messaging. Instead of piquing interest and stirring excitement, it caused people to search out and read how-to disable articles. So, it wasn’t exactly a smash hit with Android owners. Now, the program has been shut down.

Google Deprecates App Preview Messaging

Google’s App Preview Messaging would allow people to communicate with one another, even if both parties didn’t have the same applications installed. For instance, one person could send a picture and/or message through Photos to another person who didn’t have Photos installed or active on their device. The purpose was to get recipients to download or enable the app. But, it never caught on with consumers. Google announced on its APIs for Android developers’ site:

“With App Preview Messaging, Android users were able to send messages using their default messaging application to any of their contacts who were also using Android devices. This feature worked even if the other contact hadn’t downloaded the same messaging application.

As of Q3 2020, this program is complete, and users can no longer send messages with App Preview Messaging. User settings related to App Preview Messaging will be removed in future updates.”

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