November 6, 2022
Google desktop search video carousel

Google Shakes Up Desktop Search, Replacing Video Boxes with Video Carousel

A new Google desktop search video carousel is apparently slowly replacing the standard but very underserved video boxes…

Over the past few weeks, Google started quietly replacing the familiar desktop search video boxes with a new format — video carousels. The change was first spotted as early as June 6th. However, the biggest change appeared on June 15th, according to a report by RankRanger.

Google Desktop Search Video Carousel Replaces Video Boxes

The new Google desktop search video carousel differs in that it serves up more than three choices. Searchers can simply click the arrow appearing at the far right to see more content. Here’s a screenshot published by Search Engine Land:
Credit: Search Engine Land

The change comes due to the unpopularity of video thumbnails, which surface on just 0.8 percent of all page one SERPs or search engine results pages. That represents a loss of 92 percent, according to RankRanger. Here’s the tracker tool RankRanger shows, demonstrating the steep decline:

Credit: RankRanger

The new Google desktop search video carousel includes more than just three selections. In fact, it supports an average of 8.5 cards. The new Google desktop search video carousel is most triggered by “how-to” queries.

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