January 17, 2022
Google developing improved Chrome and Android linking features

Google is Trying to Better Integrate Chrome and Android (and No, it’s Not Fuchsia…Yet)

Google is apparently working on a new set of linking solutions between Chrome and Android, seemingly mimicking one of Apple’s most popular features…

Even though Google controls both Chrome OS and Android, it hasn’t yet successfully been able to seamlessly integrate the two. (That’s the mission of Google Fuchsia, to essentially meld the two operating systems into one that will work across all device types.) But, it appears that Google is taking a page from the playbook of rival Apple, which boasts the arguably best transition from one machine to another.

Google Developing Improved Chrome and Android Linking Features

Now, there’s a new addition to the Chromium repository that indicates a future flag to be labeled “phone hub.”  The flag’s description reads, in-part, that its coming functionality will work to eventually:

“provide a UI for users to view information about their Android phone and perform phone-side actions within Chrome OS.”

Also, there’s mention of “task continuation” on the site. This likely means Google is building out the necessary code to perform the same work as Apple’s iMessage, AirDrop, and Handoff. Of course, this is one of the most requested features Chrome OS and Android users want because it allows them to switch devices on the fly and pick up right where they left off.

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