March 4, 2021
Google Chrome web apps

Google Seeks to Make Chrome Web Apps just a Feature-Rich as Native Mobile Apps

Google Chrome web apps will get more robust functionality, gaining the abilities to act more like native mobile apps in the future…

There’s a big difference between desktop and mobile. Especially when it comes to some experiences. One large disparity is how apps perform on each platform. But Google continues to work on bridging the gap.

Google Developing New Chrome Web App Capabilities

The latest push toward this goal comes in the form of making web apps work more like their mobile counterparts. Google will provide developers more tools to make this happen:

“Giving developers new tools will empower the open web as a place where any experience can be created, and make the web a first class platform for developing apps that run on any browser, with any operating system, and on any device.”

This means Google wants to make the lines between web browser apps and native mobile apps disappear. With such functionality, apps should perform the same on any device.

Google is also doing this to improve all experiences. So, it’s making the initiative open in order for the technology to work on a plethora of devices and both desktop and mobile:

“We plan to design and develop these new capabilities in an open and transparent way, using the existing open web platform standards processes while getting early feedback from developers and other browser vendors as we iterate on the design, to ensure an interoperable design.”

This is yet another step forward in reducing disparity and fragmentation.

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