April 30, 2021
Google Developing Pixel Screen Mirroring on Chrome OS

Pixel Owners might Soon be Able to Mirror their Phone Screens on Chrome OS

Screen mirroring capabilities between Google’s Pixel phones and Chrome OS is likely a reality to unfold in the near future, new code reveals…

For some time now, Google has been quietly working on an upcoming suite of tools known as “Phone Hub” that will make Chrome OS and Android “Better Together.” The features have already started rolling out, though slowly. These options help to better connect phones to Chromebooks, like the ability to mirror notifications, sync recent Chrome browser tabs, as well as share some quick settings.

Google Developing Pixel Screen Mirroring on Chrome OS

There’s a new flag appearing in Chrome that’s codenamed “Eche,” which is Spanish for “throw” or “cast.” It’s combined with an SWA or System Web App, written #eche-swa. The new entries also include the command, “Implements the core logic of the EcheApp which is a SWA to transmitting video and bidirectional data over WebRTC.” All together, this probably means it’s a tool to mirror one screen to another.

This would be a useful tool in a number of situations. But, it appears at this time it won’t work with any Android phone and/or Chromebook (or Chromebox). Instead, the new code only makes an appearance in a Google source code folder that seems to be specific to Pixel phones. Regardless, it’s a nice option and one that will make the Google ecosystem even more useful.

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