October 3, 2022
Google Disabling Selfie Retouching by Default on New Pixel Phones

Google Says it Doesn’t Want People to Feel Bad about their Selfies, So it’s Turning this Feature Off by Default

Google states that it will turn selfie retouching off by default on its new Pixel phones, after it conducted extensive research on the technology…

Selfies became instantly popular with the development of the front-facing camera. Since that time, millions of people have taken millions of snapshots of themselves in various situations, poses, and much more. To make them even more fun, tech companies have introduced emojis, stickers, captions, and of course, filters. Now Google says that it’s looked at some research and is acting to keep individuals’ best interests at heart.

Google Disabling Selfie Retouching by Default on New Pixel Phones

Google says that going forward, it will turn off face retouching on its new Pixel phones, including the Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G, and Pixel 5. The reason, the company explains, is due to the fact that such filters can have a negative impact on people’s self image. Moreover, the filters will not have references to certain traits, such as “beauty.” Vinit Modi, Product Manager, writes:

“…guidelines suggest that face retouching settings should be off by default so you choose when you want to turn them on. If face retouching filters are on, this should be clearly indicated in the product experience. And when it’s off, it should stay off.”

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