October 5, 2022
Google Discontinues its Emergency Location Sharing App, Trusted Contacts

Google Unceremoniously Kills Off this Emergency Location Sharing App

Google is abruptly retiring its stand-alone emergency location sharing mobile application, Trusted Contacts, on December 1st, 2020…

Over three years ago, Google introduced the world to Trusted Contacts, an emergency location sharing app. It allowed people to stay in-the-know about loved ones’ whereabouts. Since that time, the tech company has built in the same functionality into Google Maps’ Location Sharing option. So, Big G has decided the standalone app is unnecessary and it’s killing it off for good.

Google Discontinues its Emergency Location Sharing App, Trusted Contacts

There’s just one problem with the so-called functionality in the Google Maps’ version — it requires everyone to manually enable it. In other words, location sharing in Google Maps requires that everyone participating must proactively broadcast their location to their loved ones. Conversely, Trusted Contacts let users add people to instantly share their locations in the case of an emergency. If one does arise, Trusted Contacts requested a status update.

This doesn’t mean Google won’t expand Google Maps’ location sharing capabilities to match that of its standalone predecessor. After all, folding application features into Maps is an ongoing strategy for the search giant. Regardless, the time is ticking away for Trusted Contacts, which will no longer receive support as of Tuesday, December 1st, 2020.

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