November 28, 2021
Google Discontinues Paid Chrome Browser Extensions

Web Developers can No Longer Charge Chrome Users for Premium Browser Extensions

Developers won’t be able to charge Chrome users for browser extensions soon, as Google kills off their ability to earn money from them…

Google will discontinue paid extensions for its Chrome browser. This, after temporarily suspending the option. Now, the company has decided to make the change permanent, according to a recent article by 9to5Google. The move isn’t necessarily a huge shock, since the tech giant started to turn off the features associated with paid extensions months ago, beginning in March.

Google Discontinues Paid Chrome Browser Extensions

With the change, web developers who still want to charge Chrome users for extensions won’t be able to rely on Google to handle payments, whether one-time or subscriptions. Google sent out a notice to developers that explained, in-part, that “the ecosystem has grown and developers now have many payment-handling options available to them.” This, compared to when the company initially launched its web store about a decade ago in 2010. 

Starting in December of this year, Google will further disable free trials for premium Chrome extensions. Then, in February of next year, the company will remove the ability for Chrome users to make in-app purchases. So, it’s only a matter of time. 

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