November 3, 2022
Google Discover pirated content

Some Users Report Seeing Pirated Content Listings on the Google Discover Feed

Some users report seeing the Google Discover feed occasionally showing links to pirated content, and it could be due to the algorithms…

Blame the algorithms, or rather, the end-user. Whichever culprit people prefer, there’s an explanation of a strange thing happening with the Google app’s Discover feed. It’s displaying links to pirated content to some users.

Google Discover Feed Pirated Content Recommendations Appearing to Some Users

This isn’t a widespread concern. But, it’s an interesting bit of information to work out. Google’s algorithms employ a huge number of factors into what’s shown to users are searching.

For instance, entering a query for an upcoming movie will not only show future showtimes, but also plenty of links to articles and even merchandise about said flick.

It’s why people see ads for things they’ve previously searched. And, it makes total sense. Google’s entire business model depends deeply on advertising. So, it’s imperative to deliver the most relevant search results.

Enter pirated links in search listings. Google’s software isn’t perfect and it’s possible just searching for something can inadvertently lead to it displaying such illegal results. In one instance, it’s a link to download Avenger’s Endgame: 


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