October 16, 2021
Google Discover

Google will Add a News Feed to Its Mobile Homepage

Google ‘Discover’ will soon debut on mobile devices, bringing users a news feed with plenty of information and more visuals, as well…

For its 2oth anniversary, Google is rebranding its news feed. This appears on the Google app or Google Feed app, as well as the homepage on all mobile browsers. It’s a huge shift to undertake. But, it’s aimed at better organizing information. What’s more, it’s supposed to provide more context. It’s called “Discover,” and it won’t just contain recent news.

Google ‘Discover’ will Soon Debut on Mobile

Instead of just displaying stories about different topics in which users show interest, it will provide an in-depth look. Plus, Google is adding a slider to increase and decrease what shows up in the feed. Currently, Google Feed displays personalized content, based on previous interactions. But the new interface is customizable.) 

Google Discover is also multilingual. Meaning users can set both English and Spanish in the same Feed. Plus, Google will add other languages soon. Many of its features are based on the redesign of the Google News app.

Furthermore, Google will add debut “Stories.” It’s based on the AMP technology and uses computer vision to include more visuals in search. Users will soon see an auto-advancing carousel, which includes “featured videos” and display what Google calls “salient segments” from said videos. (Presumably, this will contain the most relevant portions of videos.)

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