January 27, 2022
Google Docs AI grammar check

Google Docs will Soon use AI to Catch Grammar Mistakes

A relatively new Google Docs AI grammar check will start showing up for some users, helping to eliminate common writing issues…

Grammar is a big deal. And, many people rely on tools such as Grammarly to catch mistakes. But now, Google is helping out certain users with a new checker. The company is rolling out a wide release of updates. One such change will initially go out to G Suite users in the Early Adopter Program.

Google Docs AI Grammar Check begins Rolling Out

The new tool uses machine translation to spot all kinds of grammatical errors, ranging from basic mistakes like the difference between “a” and “an” to larger problems, such as sentence structure and subordinate clauses. Because it uses AI or artificial intelligence, the tool becomes smarter over time.

Additionally, Google will insert Smart Reply into Hangouts chats in G Suite over the next few weeks. For those unfamiliar, Smart Reply is a feature which offers suggested replies based on context and content. Furthermore, Smart Compose, which offers sentence suggestions while composing email, will also roll out to G Suite.

Basically, Google is helping people become more efficient by eliminating some of the mundane tasks that come with day-to-day communications.