January 17, 2022
Google Docs Mobile App Smart Compose Feature Added

Google Brings Smart Compose to its Docs Mobile App (but Not Everyone can Use It)

Google has integrated its autocomplete suggestions tool, Smart Compose, into its Docs mobile app, but it’s limited to certain users…

Just the other day, Google announced it has brought over some of its most helpful features to its mobile productivity apps: Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Basically, the tech company added a few of its best desktop tools to its mobile applications to make them easier to use on-the-go. Specifically, Google has plugged its Smart Compose tool into the Docs mobile app.

Google Docs Mobile App Smart Compose Feature Added

Even though the Google Docs mobile app now has Smart Compose, not everyone with the application can use the feature. That’s because it’s currently limited to G Suite users at this time. (But it will probably expand to all users sometime in the future.) For now, it’s rolling out to both Android and iOS, starting on August 12th.

Google states that Gmail users save over 3 billion keystrokes every week because of Smart Compose. So, it will definitely be beneficial to people who have trouble typing on small screens. Plus, it could also help with the ebb and flow. Rany Ng, Director of Product Management of G Suite, explains:

“Earlier this year, we launched Smart Compose in Docs on the web to help you write documents faster and reduce the chance of spelling and grammatical errors. Now, we’re bringing the power of Smart Compose to mobile, making it even faster and easier to write documents on the go. Smart Compose in Docs will roll out to G Suite customers over the next few weeks, on both Android and iOS.”

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