September 10, 2021
Google Dragonfly Chinese search engine

Google Officially Ends Project Dragonfly, its Chinese Search Engine

A Google executive has announced the tech company is no longer working on Project Dragonfly, its Chinese search engine…

After nearly a year of revelation and rumors, Google is giving up on Project Dragonfly, it’s Chinese government-approved, censored search engine. 

Google ‘Dragonfly’ Chinese Search Engine Project Abandoned

The company‘s VP of public policy, Karan Bhatia, told Sen. Josh Hawley, “We have terminated Project Dragonfly.” Bhatia later stated Google has “no current plans” to go into China.

It’s been plagued with problems from the beginning, and not just technical challenges. Upon uncovering the plan back in August of last year, Google faced public backlash.

Then, just months later, another report stated Google was shelving the project after more than 200 company engineers published an open letter to stop it from going forward.

The following March, a spokesperson for Google revealed team members of Project Dragonfly had already moved onto other work.

Google was banned from China in 2010 and this might be the end of its attempts to reenter.

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