August 5, 2021
Google Drive Now Directly Opens Microsoft Files in Editing Mode

Google Finally Fixes One of Drive’s Most Annoying Problems

Google has updated Drive to better accommodate Microsoft Office files, allowing them to open directly into editing mode, instead of previews…

A small but yet very important change has been applied to Google Drive. It’s a relatively minor tweak. However, it’s definitely one that people will welcome with delight. Although Drive has long supported Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, documents, how it handles them is aggravating. That is to say, said files default open in a preview mode that does not allow users to make any changes.

Google Drive Now Directly Opens Microsoft Files in Editing Mode

Now, simply by double-clicking an Office document, ( including .docx, .doc, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx and .xlsm files), will automatically open in editing mode by default. But, there’s still an option to go right to preview mode. It resides in the right-click drop-down menu or by holding down the “P” key while simultaneously double clicking on the file. Still, the straight to edit mode feature has a drawback — it doesn’t apply to password protected files. Google writes on its Workspace blog:

“We’re changing the default editing mode for Microsoft Office files in Google Drive on the web. Now, when you double-click on an Office file, it will open directly in Office editing mode.

Previously, double clicking would open a preview of the document, from which users could choose whether to open in Office editing mode or download the file. You can still use the preview mode by right clicking the file and clicking “Preview,” or by pressing ‘P’ on the keyboard while double clicking the file.”

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