July 31, 2021
Google Drive progressive web app

Google Just Transformed Google Drive into a Progressive Web App but It’s Not a Complete Experience

Google has released a PWA or progressive web app for Google Drive but it’s not a total, top-to-bottom makeover at this time…

Progressive web apps or PWAs look like the future because of their strong benefits. But, there’s not yet an environment to support them widely.

However, that’s not stopping Google from turning some of its properties into PWAs. Google Photos got the treatment in June of 2018, and now, Drive joins the list.

Google Drive Progressive Web App Debuts

Google Drive now includes support for being a progressive web app, according to Android Police

The option shows up in the right corner of the address bar. Clicking on it triggers an “install” button. Once clicked, it installs as a PWA and works with PCs, Macs, as well as Chromebooks. 

Although, it’s not a total experience just yet. Opening Docs and Sheets still happens in the browser. Still, Google will probably turn those services into PWAs, too.

Also, it works best on desktops and laptops but lacks performance on Android smartphones. Other notable Google PWAs are YouTube Music, Stadia, and Android/Google Messages.

Twitter and Microsoft also have products they’ve turned into progressive web apps.

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