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Google Revamps Drive to Give It a Clean, Fresh New Look

Google Drive redesign

Credit: Google

The new Google Drive redesign brings the interface more closely to the Gmail refresh, with a few visual improvements and more…

Google just began releasing its latest version of Drive, fresh off its big Gmail overhaul. It boasts a few minor changes, with buttons being moved and a few other modifications. Basically, the changes are largely aesthetic as it functions in the same way it did before.

Google Drive Redesign Rolls Out

The makeover involves adding color and icon placement more than anything. The search company gave it a refresh to align with its Material Design principles. (Something that’s fully on display in the new Gmail and the last revamp of YouTube which launched in August of last year.) 

“We built this new interface to create a responsive and efficient experience for Drive users, and to feel cohesive with other G Suite products,” the company wrote in a blog post.

There’s now a white background, with a new “New” button. The top left logo is now the Google Drive logo, with the custom logo appearing in the top right. The Settings icon is now in-line with the search bar. And, the header font is different:

Credit: Google

Google states the Drive redesign is now rolling out to all G Suite accounts and will become available to everyone in the next few days.

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