July 3, 2022
Google Drops Support for Play Music on Smart Speakers and Assistant

Google Removes Play Music Support from these Two Sources

Google has pulled support for Play Music from another two places, just days after removing the ability to purchase tracks from the platform…

Mere days ago, Google shut down the Music store on Google Play. The tech company did so after months of telegraphing its intention to transition every user over to YouTube Music. That move meant the end of access to purchase tunes from the legacy platform. Now, Big G is going further in its outright deprecation by pulling support for GPM from two more pieces of tech.

Google Drops Support for Play Music on Smart Speakers and Assistant

GPM no longer works with Google Assistant or its ability to cast to smart speakers and displays. In fact, Google Play Music is no longer among the available options for playback, with Pandora, Spotify, Deezer, and of course, YouTube Music remaining. There are even other options in Assistant, but conspicuous by its absence is GPM, which once held a prominent spot.

It’s not gone everywhere, though. GPM is still showing up in some countries, but will disappear at some point in the not-too-distant future. Some people noticed its disappearance because they deliberately set GPM as their default, so when it’s gone, it is gone for good. Although Google has retired Play Music, there’s probably still time to move everything over to YouTube Music, simply by using this simple transfer tool.

Google Drops Support for Google Play Music on Smart Speakers and Assistant
Credit: Android Police

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