May 26, 2022
Google Duo 'Reachable with Email Address' Function Uncovered

Google Duo might Soon Allow Users to Call One Another without Knowing their Phone Numbers

Google is working on a new option for Google Duo that would allow users to phone one another without having to know their mobile numbers…

Back in October of last year, Google added a new function to Google Duo, its video chat mobile app, that showed which users were most active on the service. Prior to that, it added the ability to share ephemeral photos, and even before that, added group calling in select regions. Now, it looks as though Google is about to give Duo yet another feature — the ability to call other users without needing their phone numbers.

Google Duo ‘Reachable with Email Address’ Function Uncovered

The new Google Duo ‘Reachable with email address’ option was uncovered by none other than Jane Manchun Wong, someone with a long and reliable history of uncovering new app features. Although it’s new to the mobile app, it’s not new to the platform.

Google made a change to the web interface for the desktop version earlier this year that gave users the option of logging in and initiating calls without requiring phone numbers be linked to their accounts. While that did expand its functionality, it fell a little short.

Now, it appears it will soon be possible for users with others’ email addresses to reach out, no phone number needed. Of course, this could easily be abused. So, Google will have to put measures into place to protect against spam and robocalls.

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