November 5, 2022
Google Duo voicemail

Google Duo Now Sports both Voicemail and Video Messages

Google Duo voicemail is now available, as is video messaging, right through the app,  for those who actually use it, that is…

Good news for the people who use Duo, the video chat app. Released just about eighteen months ago, in August of 2016, the app hasn’t exactly caught fire. (Or, caught on at all, for that matter.) Duo replaced Hangouts for the most part. But, to-date, very few people actually use it. Duo now supports video messages and voicemail, so long as it’s under 30 seconds.

Google Duo Voicemail and Video Messages Debut

Duo users can now leave messages that appear right on the contact’s app.  After the recipient listens to the voicemail or watches the video clip, he or she can simply tap a contact icon to immediately reconnect. Google states all messages are protected with end-to-end encryption, making it secure.

“If the person you’re calling declines or misses your call, you can record up to 30 seconds of a video (or voice) message. Once you’re happy with your message, you can send it to your friend or family member, who will receive it in the Duo app. To play a video message you’ve received from someone, simply tap their icon. And after you’ve watched their video message, you can tap the ‘Call now’ button to easily call that person right back. Video messages automatically disappear within a day after you first watch them, but you can always save your favorites locally to your phone,” Google explains.

What’s strange about these new features is that it plays into the seemingly fragmented, chaotic messaging foray of which Google is engaged. There is no clear strategy to identify at this time. But, that could change at any moment in the future.

The new Google Duo video and voicemail features are rolling out today to both Android and iOS. 

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