October 20, 2021
Google Duplex expands

Google Duplex will Soon be Available in 43 more US States and It’s Expanding to Non-Pixel Devices, Too

Google Duplex expands to forty-three states in the US, and it’s also breaking away from Pixel exclusivity to come to more mobile devices…

Google first introduced the world to its sophisticated AI system, Duplex, which places phone calls for people to make reservations.

It initially ran in a very limited test, only available to Pixel phones, at first. But soon, that will change, in two ways.

Google Duplex Expands to an Additional 43 US States, also Arriving on Non-Pixel Devices

First, Google says it’s rolling out the feature to 43 states to all Pixel phones. (The excluded states are: Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, and Texas.) Second, the tool will expand to other Android and iOS devices in the coming weeks.

To use Google Duplex, just trigger Google Assistant and request it book a table at a restaurant for a specific day and time. Duplex should do the rest.

Google Duplex shook the world when the company debuted it in May of last year. It not only sounds just like a regular human voice, it also paused and used “crutch words,” such as “uhm” and “ahh.” However, it didn’t alert the person receiving the call it was in fact, a robot. Now, that’s changed, as the search giant later promised.

The newest experience begins with various disclosures, alerting the person receiving the call they are interacting with a machine. And, the calls are recorded. See a video of Google Duplex in-action below:

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