September 16, 2022
Google Duplex's Hair Appointment Booking AI makes its Real World Debut

Remember Google’s Duplex, the AI Tool that Could Book Hair Appointments? Well, It’s going Live Now

Google Duplex, the artificial intelligence assistant, introduced about two years ago, is now ready to book hair appointments and more IRL…

Just over two years ago, Google unveiled one of its most complex and ambitious artificial intelligence initiative. Named Duplex, Google offered a public demonstration of the tool in-action. Duplex phoned a hair salon and booked an appointment. Although extraordinarily impressive, it unsettled many because it sounded so very real. Now, nearly twenty-seventh months later, Google says Duplex is ready for real life use.

Google Duplex’s Hair Appointment Booking AI makes its Real World Debut

When someone wants to book a hair appointment by phone, Duplex will handle the request. It works through Google Assistant, of course. Just give Assistant a preferred time, type of cut or style, choice of stylist, and the AI takes over from there. Duplex will phone the business and will alert whoever answers will told the call is automated and are being recorded. (If the person doesn’t agree to proceed, Duplex passes the call off to a human operator.)

The expansion comes at a time that’s crucial for small businesses. It’s very helpful for businesses that don’t have internet booking systems already in-place. So, it could be mutually beneficial for businesses and consumers alike.

Ashley Lipman

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