May 1, 2021
Google Duplex New Zealand test

Google brings Its Controversial Mobile App to New Zealand for First Test Outside the United States

Google will expand its testing of Duplex outside the United States to New Zealand, first to confirm holiday business hours…

In July of last year, Google debuted a new technology called Duplex. It sent shock waves through the industry because of its ability to perfectly mimic human sounding phone calls. In fact, it even paused and used “crutch words,” such as “uhm” and “ahh.”

Its prowess was so impressive, it immediately raised concerns about privacy, security, and spam, among other things.

Google has been testing the service in the United States for some time now and will expand its testing to New Zealand, initially to confirm business operating hours.

Google Duplex Test goes International to New Zealand

Google Duplex is a complex yet still imperfect technology. While it does sound eerily human, it’s a long way from producing conversational and/or multi-step tasks.

Scott Huffman, Google’s VP of engineering, writes on the official New Zealand blog:

“Businesses in [the] pilot group will receive an automated call from Google asking to confirm their hours for the upcoming Labour Day public holiday on October 28. Once confirmed, these times will automatically be updated on Google Maps and Search for anyone searching for the business info for the holiday. This not only helps people save time during busy holidays, but also ensures that businesses maximise foot traffic at their stores.”

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