September 15, 2022
Google Duplex

Here’s a Chance to for a Few Lucky People to Try Out Google Duplex, the AI Reservation-Making Magical Tech

Google Duplex, the impressive AI digital assistant, will become available to more people as the company opens it up to addition group of Pixel owners…

At the Google I/O conference back in May, the search engine unveiled its most impressive AI tool yet, called Google Duplex. For those unfamiliar, this is a digital assistant which makes phone calls, with a very convincing human voice. In fact, it immediately caused quite a bit of controversy because it sounds so real.

Google Duplex Test Group Expanded

Google Duplex shook the world when the company debuted it in May. It not only sounds just like a regular human voice, it also paused and used “crutch words,” such as “uhm” and “ahh.” However, it didn’t alert the person receiving the call it was in fact, a robot. Now, that’s changed, as the search giant promised.

Google is making it available to more people, in-particular, Pixel owners. However, not everyone who owns the handset will have access.

Although, there’s still other catches. For instance, it’s only rolling out to a limited group of cities. These include: New York, Atlanta, Phoenix, and San Francisco. And, not all businesses are part of the program as there’s an opt-out.

But, for Pixel owners who live in one of the above listed markets, it’s possible to try it out. Venture Beat posted a brief demo video.

See a video of Google Duplex in-action below:

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