August 5, 2021
Google Duplex

Google Duplex, the AI Assistant, will Begin Booking Reservations this Summer

Google Duplex, the human sounding AI assistant from the search giant, will actually start setting appointments this summer…

At the Google I/O conference back in May, the search engine unveiled its most impressive AI tool yet, called Google Duplex. For those unfamiliar, this is a digital assistant which makes phone calls, with a very convincing human voice. In fact, it immediately caused quite a bit of controversy because it sounds so real. Now, Google is ready to test it in real-world conditions.

Google Duplex Testing Starts this Summer

The test phase begins with a limited “set of trusted tester users,” so it won’t debut to the pubic right away. In fact, it’s expected to roll out in a phased release. The first stage of testing will make calls to preselected businesses about holiday hours. Next, it will make restaurant reservations later this summer. Finally, Google Duplex will book hair appointments. These represent the only areas where Google has trained Duplex to function.

Google Duplex shook the world when the company debuted it in May. It not only sounds just like a regular human voice, it also paused and used “crutch words,” such as “uhm” and “ahh.” However, it didn’t alert the person receiving the call it was in fact, a robot. Now, that’s changed, as the search giant later promised.

The newest experience begins with various disclosures, alerting the person receiving the call they are interacting with a machine. And, the calls are recorded. See a video of Google Duplex in-action below: