November 3, 2022
Google Earth Dark Mode Debuts

The Earth just Went Dark — Google Earth, That Is

Google Earth is one of the latest products the tech giant has applied a dark element to, and it’s already available on the app and the web…

Just over a year ago, Google released its system-wide dark theme, debuting with Android 10. But, the tech company still isn’t finished with applying dark modes to all of its many, many applications. In fact, a good number of Google Maps users remain without the dark option, though it’s been available for some time now. However, anyone who’d like to take a peek at what it looks like — at least from a satellite view — can do so by opening the Google Earth mobile app or navigating to its web app.

Google Earth Dark Mode Debuts

Google has just added a dark option to Google Earth. To access it on the mobile application, simply open it, tap on the hamburger menu, and then select dark in Application theme under General. (At present, the mobile app doesn’t comply with the system-wide dark mode in Android 10 and above.) It’s also live — and apparently active by default — on the Google Earth website.

What’s different from this dark theme — as opposed to other Google products — is that the dark element only applies to the buttons and menus, because Google Earth is comprised of satellite imagery.

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