May 22, 2022
Google Earth mobile app now shows stars in the sky

Google Earth’s Mobile Application Now Allows Users to See the Sky’s Stars on Their Phones

The Google Earth mobile application now shows shinny stars in the sky, rather than just a plain black background as it did before…

Up until now, whenever users zoomed out on the Google Earth mobile app, the globe would sit against a plain and blank, black background. Now, that’s changed, and it shows the stars in the sky.

Google Earth Mobile App Now Shows the Stars in the Sky

Now, when people zoom out on the Google Earth mobile app, they’ll see the stars surrounding the planet, rather than just a back backdrop. 

People can now view the Milky Way, along with the stars that have been recorded by the European Southern Observatory. However, it isn’t possible to jump from one star or planet to another.

The feature is currently available on the most recent version of the Google Earth app in the Play Store.

Credit: Google
Credit: Google

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