October 3, 2022
Google Ending Google Photos Free Unlimited Storage on June 1st 2021

Google Ending its Unlimited Free Storage for Google Photos on Tuesday, June 1st 2021

Google Photos’ unlimited free storage will end in the summer of next year, but there’s some good news about the time-frame…

Five years ago, Google started offering free unlimited file backups for “high quality” images with Google Photos. Now, the tech giant is about to end this benefit and will begin to charge users who go beyond 15 gigs. The change is set to take effect on Tuesday, June 1st, 2021. But, there is a bit of good news — at least in regard to the time in between now and then.

Google Ending Google Photos Free Unlimited Storage on June 1st 2021

Even though Google is ending its free unlimited storage on Google Photos, that policy won’t go into effect until next year. Because of this, anything uploaded between now and June 1st will not count against the new 15GB cap. That gives users plenty of time to assess their individual situations and needs in order to make adjustments and/or to find an alternative provider to switch over to for photo file backups.

There’s also a bit more good news for Pixel owners. They will still be able to upload high-quality — although not original — pictures for free after June 1st. Those files won’t count against their limit, which isn’t as good a deal as the original Pixel offer that allowed unlimited original quality, but it’s a nice bonus.

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