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Google Unceremoniously Cancels its Audience Measurement Program, so Cash Out Now

Google shuts down its Audience Measurement program

Credit: Google

Google has suddenly retired its Audience Measurement program (formerly known as Cross Media Panel), telling participants to redeem their rewards…

For several years now, Google has offered and run a little-known rewards program. It rewarded participants with weekly points that could be redeemed for gift cards at a number of merchants, including Amazon, Target, Walmart, Starbucks, Home Depot, Macy’s, Nike,, REI, GAP, CVS, Best Buy, and Chipotle. All participants had to do was download an app called Screenwise Meter.

Google Ends its Audience Measurement Program

Now, without warning, Big G has ended the program, sending out an email that alerts active participants to its discontinuation. The Screenwise Meter app no longer works and any rewards must be redeemed before Wednesday, December 2nd. Anyone with $5 or more must choose a gift card from one of the merchants listed above. Those with less than $5 will automatically receive an Amazon gift card on the same day.

Audience Measurement, once called Cross Media Panel, has been available for several years. It was originally independent, but Google made it a part of its Opinion Rewards program back in May of 2018. 

“Audience Measurement has ended. You’ve given Google a better understanding of how people use their phones. We hope you enjoyed participating and the reward points you earned.

You’re no longer being metered or earning reward points. Please uninstall the Screenwise Meter app.”

Credit: Google
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