October 23, 2021
Google EU Android Search Engine Choice Benefits DuckDuckGo, Hurts Bing

Google’s Choice for the Android EU Search Engine Market Benefits DuckDuckGo but Hurts Bing

Following an antitrust ruling from the European Union last year, Google will now offer three other default search choices for Android devices…

Last year, the European Union issued a ruling that requires Google to give consumers at least three search choices for its Android devices. Of all those available, Google has chosen two others to join itself on the “choice screen.” And, Bing is not one of them (expect in the United Kingdom).

Google EU Android Search Engine Choice Benefits DuckDuckGo, Hurts Bing

After the EU ruled Google must offer consumers at least three other choices in order not to be considered a monopoly, the tech corporation has decided it will include DuckDuckGo as one.

Google’s EU Android search engine choices, however, do not include Bing, save for the UK market. Meaning, Bing won’t appear as a search option for most of the EU regions. 

Of course, Google chose its alternatives depending on the region and who is willing to pay. Those selected will almost certainly be those who are willing to pay Google every time a user opts for its search portal as the default choice over Google itself.

Bing is only available in the UK because it’s fairly well-know in that market, while it’s more obscure in other EU countries.

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