December 9, 2021
Google Plus Events

Google+ Events Returns, Low-Quality Comments Filter Added

Google Plus Events returns to the search engine’s proprietary social media platform and with it comes a new low-quality comments filter in the latest update…

Google+ recently announced upcoming updates to its social media property, which will bring Google Plus Events back and launch a new low-quality comments filter. The struggling social media platform continues to experience tweaks, although it’s descending further into obscurity.

Google Plus Events come Back, New Low-Quality Comments Filter Introduced

“Today we announced a new feature for Google+ Android, iOS, and Web: hiding low-quality comments on posts so its easier to have good conversations on G+. By default, this helps you focus on comments that matter most. But if you’d like to see all the comments on a post, you can simply tap on ‘View more comments.’” Luke Wroblewski explains. Low-quality comments include misspelled words or inappropriate comments.

Google Plus low quality comments filter
Credit: Google, Android Authority

Google likewise revealed upcoming changes to images on the platform. The company states its goal is to reduce as much white space possible, based on the end user’s screen size. Visitors to Google+ on desktop will have the ability to zoom in on images. Additionally, the company is sun setting the web “classic” user interface. All users will officially migrate to a new Google Plus desktop interface on Tuesday, January 24th.

The company also announced the return of Google Plus Events on the same date, due to user demand. Last year, Google and Facebook apps ranked the most popular of all for 2016.

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