September 23, 2022
Google expands Local Guides follow option Google Maps to all users

Google is Attempting to Turn One of its Most Popular Platforms into a New Social Network

Google has seemingly chosen a successor to Google Plus to be its next social network, and it’s a bit perplexing, but could be genius…

Although Google+ died a long and agonizing death after its underwhelming lifetime, it appears the search giant isn’t giving up on social media. Rather than building out a totally new network, the company is instead relying on one of its most popular, most often used platforms: Google Maps.

Google Expands Local Guides Follow Option Google Maps to All Users

Last year, Google began testing a new feature that allows people to follow certain Local Guides on Google Maps. For those unfamiliar, Local Guides are just that — individuals who provide information from a local resident’s perspective. They share their favorite restaurants, museums, nightclubs, attractions and destinations, and more.

Now, Google has expanded the follow option to all users. As pictured in the screenshots below, Google Maps sports a social media look on the profile page. There’s a user profile pic, a follow button, and some stats, like their number of contributions, followers, and following.

In true Google fashion, everyone with a public profile is part of the new Google Maps social experience. So, anyone who doesn’t want to participate can simply set their Google Maps profile to restricted.

Google Maps user profile follow option
Credit: Google / Android Police


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