September 21, 2021
Google Express closing

Google Express Shut Down to Occur in a Few Weeks, will Integrate into Google Shopping

Google Express will sunset after failing to achieve adequate performance and will become part of Google Shopping in the next few weeks…

Back in May, Google announced it would shut down Google Express. Now, it’s sending emails to its customers to let them know what’s next.

Google Express to Close, Merge into Google Shopping

Google Express never really took off. What the company claims is an “integration” is actually a scuttling.

Google Express was supposed to go up against Amazon. It too, would serve as an online shopping source, bringing consumers and vendors together. Those included big time names, like Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Best Buy, and others.

But, those same retailers started building out there own fulfillment businesses. That, combined with the prowess of Amazon, doomed the Google service.

Google will fold Express into Google Shopping, which is available on the web and will become available on Android and iOS later this month.

“Thank you for being a Google Express customer. As we strive to enhance your shopping experience, we’ll be integrating Express into the new Google Shopping over the next few weeks.

With Google Shopping, you get the features you know from Google Express — plus even more ways to find the best places and prices to buy, from across the web  or locally.”

Credit: Google

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