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Google just Extended its Free Unlimited-Length Google Meet Video Calls for Everyone through March


Credit: TechDecisions

Google has made its free unlimited-length video calls through Google Meet available to everybody until March of next year…

About five months ago, back in May, Google announced that it would allow anyone to access its new enterprise-focused video conferencing tool Meet, for free. The Google Meet video calling platform would offer unlimited-length conversations through Wednesday, September 30th. Now, just before its cut-off date, Google has extended its offer to the end of March of next year.

Google Extends Free Unlimited-Length Google Meet Video Calls for All through March

All Gmail accounts can continue to make free video calls until March 2021. What’s more, the originally intended time limit per call — which was 30 minutes — isn’t applicable. Instead, the temporary time limit for each call is 24 hours (which is obviously way more than anyone needs or could even pull off). Samir Pradhan, Group Product Manager of Google Meet, writes on The Keyword official blog, the following:

“As we look ahead to a holiday season with less travel and important milestones like family reunions, PTA meetings and weddings hosted over video, we want to continue helping those who rely on Meet to stay in touch over the coming months. As a sign of our commitment, today we’re continuing unlimited Meet calls (up to 24 hours) in the free version through March 31, 2021 for Gmail accounts.”

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