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Google Expands ‘Featured Snippets’ to Answer Multi-Intent Queries

Google featured snippets expanded

Now, Google featured snippets expand to address queries with multiple intent, attempting to give searchers the right answers…

Google is updating a key SERP or search engine results page tool. In a blog post, the company announced it’s expanding featured snippets to address multifaceted queries.

“Sometimes the words we use to ask a question are broad and there could be several different interpretations of the question. With multifaceted featured snippets, we’re able to better understand your query and recognize when there could be multiple interpretations of that query.”

Google Featured Snippets Updated to Interpret Multi-Intent Queries

For some time, featured snippets have produced both great and less-than-desirable results. This is due to the fact (as Google states above), that some queries can easily be interpreted in different ways. The search giant provides the following example of multifaceted queries about gardens and sunlight:

Credit: Google

Upon its launch, the new feature snippets will focus only on queries easily interpreted in different ways. For instance, searching “tooth pain after filling,” might mean the person wants to know why he or she feels discomfort after the procedure. Or, it could mean the searcher wants to know how long the discomfort will last after undergoing the procedure.

Google explains it will expand this capability over time to cover a wider variety of queries. For example, if someone searches “is it worth fixing my foundation?” The results might serve up answers related to cost, project duration time, work involved, and more. But, there are a number of kinks to work out.

“With any new feature we introduce in Search, we work to ensure that we’re providing a helpful experience. In addition to extensive testing to determine whether a change has a positive effect on search quality, we also take into account feedback from you. If you see a result that you have feedback on, we encourage you to submit your thoughts through the feedback link on the search results page.”

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