October 17, 2021
Google Feed app shortcuts

Something is Going on with those Handy Google Feed App Shortcut Buttons

It seems the search giant is slightly tweaking its native mobile news aggregation experience as the Google Feed app shortcuts no longer appear…

Google might just have flipped a server-side switch. Beginning sometime late yesterday or early today, the Google Feed app shortcuts are no longer part of the UI or user interface.

Google Feed App Shortcuts Seemingly Disappear

Only a few weeks ago, a slightly redesigned search bar for Google Feed was spotted by some users. Now, looking at several Android mobile devices, those familiar Google Feed app shortcuts, which debuted just over a year ago, aren’t showing up in the latest version.

Here’s how the app looked before (notice the four prominent buttons right under the search bar):

And, here’s how the Google Feed app looks now, without the shortcuts:

Google Feed app shortcuts


It’s unclear whether this is a permanent change and/or if the shortcuts are no longer appearing on the iOS app. It certainly is a strange change (if not temporary) because those Google Feed app shortcuts lead to a plethora of useful tools.

For those unfamiliar, the Google Feed app is an intelligent personal assistant which surfaces news content based on user preference. It debuted as Google Now in June 2012 and was later renamed Google Feed. As for this change, it’s just a wait and see scenario.

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