December 2, 2021
Google Feed app redesign

Google Feed A/B Test Emphasises Topic Bubbles, Increases White Space

A new Google Feed app redesign A/B test has users taking to social media to voice their opinions over significant changes…

Google notoriously runs tests on practically everything. Today, among them, is the Google Feed app (previously known as Google Now). The apparent A/B test changes up the UI or user interface to promote “Topic Bubbles” and widen white space.

Google Feed App UI Redesign Test Spotted

The search engine continues to make improvements to the app, but not without upsetting a good percentage of its user base. For instance, Google announced in March of last year, new shortcuts. These large icons provide quick access to user-chosen sections, such as weather, sports, entertainment, and more. But, in January of this year, those shortcuts abruptly disappeared.

Since its launch, the Google app surfaces topic sections which it determines are most interesting to users based on past behaviors. The cards sport subtle section headings and display in a compact manner. But now, the topic cards are larger, with a lot of grey and white space surrounding them:

Google Feed app redesign test
Credit: 9to5Google

Users have taken to Reddit to comment on the new layout, along with Google+. Most who chime-in aren’t happy with the changes. The redesign isn’t exactly the same from device to device. For example, Pixel owners have the option to toggle on and off a black background. Overall, people don’t like the new interface. But, given how much Google tests, it’s not yet permanent.

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